Trained jungler explains Landing Sanneh’s arrest, Almamo Manneh’s killing

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By Ousman A. Marong

Warrant Officer Class 2 Lamin Sillah, a former convoy driver under former president Yahya Jammeh on Monday 22nd March 2021 explained Landing Sanneh arrest, Almamo Manneh’s killing.

Sillah, a trained jungler was making his second appearance before the Truth Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC) when he made the remarks.

He said junglers directly received commands from Kawsu Camara alias ‘Bombardier.’

“Both ‘Bombardier’ and Tumbul Tamba were commanders of the junglers”, he told the commission but added that all junglers received instructions from Saul Badjie and Tumbul Tamba.

According to him, Musa Jammeh alias ‘Maliamungo’ also received orders from former president Jammeh.

He said former Interior Minister Ousman Sonko briefed them in Kanilai prior to the killing of Almamo Manneh.

“We were in Kanilai when Musa Jammeh came with Alhagie Martin. Ousman Sonko informed us that there was a coup in Banjul and the ring leader was Almamo Manneh. We were all armed with AK47 riffles and then departed for Banjul”, he said.

He added that throughout Sonko was communicating with Landing Sanneh to open his gate but he (landing Sanneh) refused.

He further explained that when they reached Sanneh’s gate they opened fire and he eventually came out through his back gate. He was then surrounded by a group of soldiers who arrested and escorted him.

However, Sillah denied his involvement in beating and opening fire on Landing Sanneh.

He said during the shooting a soldier came out of Fajara Barracks to inquire what was going on but Ousman Sonko asked the soldier to go back to the barracks.

On the death of Almamo Manneh

The witness further stated that after capturing Landing Sanneh, Ousman Sonko informed them that he was going to talk to Almamo Manneh. “He left and went straight to Sting Corner only to return and informed us that Almamo was dead”, also said.

“I saw Sonko communicating with former president Yahya Jammeh on the phone after the operation,” he concluded.      


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