Transport Union blames police for frequent road accidents

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By Muhammed L. Bojang

Omar Ceesay, president of The Gambia Transport Union (GTU) has accused Gambian Police of causing all the road accidents in the country.

The Transport Union chief blamed the law enforcement force for issuing drivers license to incompetent drivers to use the roads without properly testing and examining them.

Ceesay made these remarks during a recent press briefing held at his office’s headquarters in Banjul.

“Drivers license are very crucial in the lives of every road user. The issuing of Gambian driver’s license falls under the purview of The Gambia Police Force. It has now became a concern that drivers having license without going through right protocols of acquiring and yearly renewal of expired license are among factors leading to road accidents,” he stated.

He also called for the police to be relieved off driver’s license issuing, saying the responsibility should be given to an independent institution or a private company.

“The police cannot be the judge and a jury at the same time”, he further said, noting that their job should be limited to law enforcement.

“We want to suggest to government to create an independent institution that will be task with the responsibility of issuing Gambian driver’s license under the supervision of central government,” Ceesay said.

Mr. Ceesay also highlighted the numerous police checkpoints from Kartong to Koina, describing them as unbearable. He further described the numerous checkpoints as a major contributing factor to delays in timely delivery of commercial transportation.

“Most of the checkpoints violate the rights of drivers by illegally seizing their driving license and insurance without following due processes,” he remarks.

He said the unnecessary seizure of driving licenses and insurances exposes drivers to unlicensed and uninsured driving, which is an offense under the Motor Traffic Act. He also revealed that most of the checkpoints are not strategically located.

The transport union chief also raised concerns on the speed humps which he said are poorly constructed nationwide.

He highlighted that the desired objective to minimize speeding and limit road accidents is good but constructing poor speed humps post hazards for users.


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