Tribute to a Legend and a national treasure, Tata Din Ding Jobarteh!!

Mamos Media

By Ndey Jobarteh

I’ve been trying to make sense of a Great Kora Legend and a National Treasure Tata Din Ding Jobarteh that just left us.

Tata Din Ding was an amazing person, a Kora artist, and an activist that few people might not know about. Tata Din Ding was an activist who has supported the work of Anti -Apartheid Movement in our fundraising efforts, in Brikama, Sanyang, Gunjur and the surrounding villages etc. He was a musician but an activist who supported many struggles against oppression that he can help with his skills. He has used his music to contribute to the fight for equality and better living conditions. He was one artist that will not shy away from performing in support of a cause where others will not dear touch.
He was a people’s artist despite one’s income in his time. He played for people who could not afford the big and famous artists both in weddings, naming ceremonies and fundraising activities etc

Despite his struggles with his health, he was an unstoppable creative kora player, delivering a trio of albums, very inspiring and inspirational. His music and resistance songs will forever be with us. He touched the hearts of countless people with his gorgeous voice, incredible songs, and plethora of talent. He literally embodied the kora music, and it seemed his every breath was for it.

May his journey onwards be as beautiful as the gift of his that we were all blessed to know and love.
This is the face of a young man who has done so much yet so humble!

Our condolences to his family and the entire nation.
A true national treasure has left us!!
A legend has slept for ever!!
Sleep well Tata!


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