Former Prison Guard Narrates Ordeal At NIA

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By Sheriff Saidykhan

A former Warden at Jeshwang Prisons, Bakary Tamba, has told the Truth Reconciliation, and Reparations Commission (TRRC) that he was tortured severely at the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) Headquarters on false allegations of giving a mobile phone to Omar Bun Mbye alias OB Mbye, a prisoner at Mile 2 Central Prison.

He made these revelations on Wednesday at the TRRC’s public hearings held at Dunes hotel in Kololi.

The witness rebutted the allegations against him as baseless and untrue, adding that he had no connection to the allegations.

“A friend of mine in the person of Lamin Jadama informed me that two NIA officers are looking for me. I then asked him what is the problem, and he told me that they had an information that i gave a mobile phone to one Mr. O B Mbye at Mile 2 Prison. I said to  him that I have no idea about the allegation but, then he told me to abscond because it is going to be serious. I told him that am not going to run because I have not done any wrong,” Bakary Tamba told commissioners.                      

At The NIA

Tamba said he had series of interrogations with NIA officers, defiantly maintaining his position over the allegations.

“When we arrived at NIA Headquarters, they took me to one room where I found two NIA officers sitting, they asked me the same questions. I told them I did not give mobile to O B Mbye,” he said.

He further told commissioners that one Bukary Camara took him to the NIA torture chamber where he found the torturers waiting to start the torture session.

“Bukary Camara took me out of the cell, and we went upstairs on a story building where we found some people with sticks. They told me to take off my shirt, and I took off my shirt and i was tied up, and they started to beat me mercilessly,” he said.

He said he was forced to confessed over the allegations by threatening to kill him.

“A jungler called Michael Correa was standing over me with a cutlass in his hand. He hit me hard with a cutlass on my back and I shouted very loud. I asked do you want me to say that I gave the mobile phone to O B Mbye, and they said this is what we want you to say, and then they called a witness outside,” he said.

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