Two African-Americans To Establish Music School In The Gambia

Mamos Media

By Sheriff Saidykhan

Two African-Americans in the persons of Charles P. Gibbs, and Anita J. Cooper are gearing up to establish a music school, in the drive for the advancement of music and culture in The Gambia.

The duo were renamed Fatima Jallow, and Ebrima-Amadou Jallow found their African roots through research, and to reincarnate African history through music.

The founder of the music school Ebrima-Amadou Jallow, said their mission to establish a music school is to teach Africans and to revive their stolen history through music. He has made these remarks during an interview with reporters held at their residence in Kerr Serign.

“I produced music for years, and I have signed contracts with Hollywood, but we did not match. Because am after the development of my people. I know that we were diminished in so many different ways, and did not have the opportunity there. So, I learned so much about how it works, hope they used the artists and how they used our children. God told me Hollywood is not for you, so you need to go home to Africa to teach, and to educate that level there.  Their purposed of it is how they were using these elements to manipulate our people, and to manipulate our children,” Charles P. Gibbs stated.

The veteran music producer said their music is part of a tool, to teach black people about their cultures through its written documents.

“We need to take these art form to educate our people and children. To express our pride and express our black skins. Let’s express these things into our music and to bring lights, shine and beauty of black people,” he said.

Former college Professor cum musician Fatima Jallow, said her transitioning from college life into music, was to explore her African roots through music.

“To come into music, it really stretches and draws out into creativity. Because as a teacher everything has to be in order for curriculum development. To be into music it’s so amazing! I feel so free and liberated. I just feel like this is my life calling.”

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