Two Rwandans murdered in Uganda under mysterious circumstances

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By Edwin Ashimwe

A Rwandan national identified as Ntwari Bahati was discovered dead from apparent strangulation, in the Ugandan capital Kampala on the eve of Sunday, August 29 according to family sources.

According to them, there was also an attempt to burn the body of the deceased man, who worked as a car mechanic in Kampala. He had lived in Uganda for four years.

A sister to the deceased says that on Saturday, August 28 Ntwari went home with two friends, whose identities were not revealed.

However, the next morning on Sunday, eyewitnesses said that his body was discovered with severe burns after assailants brutally murdered him.

The family members say the body was transferred to Mulago Hospital in Kampala.

The sister, who spoke in a choking voice said that they had been told to contact the Rwandan high commission in Uganda to have the body expatriated to Rwanda for burial.

“They said we cannot bury him on Ugandan territory,” she said, adding that his documents including his identification card had been seized by Uganda police.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that another Rwandan national identified as Theoneste Dusabimana was stabbed to death on Monday, August 30, in Karujanga village, Kabare District.

Dusabimana had reportedly sustained wounds following an attack by unknown people and succumbed to the wounds after failing to get immediate medical attention.

Reports indicate that assailants made off with his money.

Strangely, sources say, Ugandan police have the family in the dark regarding the circumstances under which their loved one died.

Ntwari and Dusabimana Nsanzimana are not the first Rwandans to be attacked violently and in suspicious circumstances.

Ever since Uganda decided to back, sponsor and facilitate groups bent on destabilizing Rwanda, most notably Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC, and the FDLR genocidal forces, life has become very difficult for Rwandan citizens travelling to Uganda or those already resident there.

There have been endless stories of Rwandan civilians abducted and illegally detained, most times kept in unknown places.

The government of Rwanda has previously warned nationals of traveling to Uganda, indicating that their safety cannot be guaranteed in the neighbouring country.

Source New Times.

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