UDP cancels Bwiam meeting as NPP exceeds IEC’s schedule

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine 

The United Democratic Party (UDP) on Wednesday cancelled its meeting in Bwiam as scheduled by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), because based on the schedule, the National People’s Party (NPP) was supposed to be in Bwiam on the same day by 11:00am – 2pm, while UDP was also supposed to hold a meeting in the same village by 3:30pm – 4:30pm but upon arrival at the meeting ground, the UDP campaign delegation with their supporters found the NPP still on the ground which compelled the UDP to cancel its meeting.

Karafa Sonko, campaign manager for UDP said: “we understand that the NPP got here before us and in that regard we decided to leave the ground even though their time to be in Bwiam as scheduled by the IEC had expired. We did not want any political problems and that is why we had to peacefully cancel our meeting in Bwiam.”

According to him, “every political party in this country has its right to operate as authorized by the IEC but because we do not want any political issues with any party, we had a few minutes discussion with our people in Bwiam before leaving the meeting ground.”

“UDP is aware and conscious that politic comes and goes but we all remain here as one people,” he remarked.

Alagie S. Darboe, administrated secretary for UDP said the reception and respect they had received from their supporters in Bwiam was overwhelming. He added that: “based on the sign you people (Bwiam) showed us today, we believe you are fully ready to make the changes. We have seen the great turnout of youths of Bwiam today. You are UDP’s priority and that I assure you”.

Darboe added that a UDP government wants to make the Gambia a fully sovereign country. “We want to take our security to high standard, make sure the Gambia’s health sector is handled with proper care and make sure our agriculture is revamped”.

He added that: “give your votes to UDP; let’s remove Adama Barrow from our State House; let’s make the Gambia the country that we want it to be.”

“I urge you to give deaf ears to empty political promises; if a government survives for five years and did nothing, that government should be removed.

“I urge you all to avoid those trying to institute tribalism within us. A UDP government wants to see a united Gambia. Be it Fula; Manjago; Serahuleh; Jola; Sererr or Mandinka, we are all one and that is our party leader’s primary target,” he concluded.


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