UDP party leader Darboe calls for unity

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By Muhammed L. Bojang

As the Gambia celebrated her 56th Independence Anniversary on Thursday, Hon. Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, Secretary-General and party leader for the United Democratic Party (UDP) gave a rare Independence speech calling on Gambians for renewed hope, diversity and patriotism.

He said: “That all may live in unity, freedom and peace each day.” “Let justice guide our actions towards our common good.” “And join our diverse people to prove man’s brotherhood”. “We pledge our firm allegiance, our promise we renew,” should always be at the back of our minds that The Gambia our homeland is our identity and our birthright.  

Mr. Darboe reminded Gambians of the struggle our fathers and forefathers waged for Gambians to be where they are today. He called on Gambians to reflect on the strong message that is emboldened in the National Anthem.  

He said our National Anthem is a message that should remind every Gambian in every waking moment what The Gambia our Homeland is and should mean them.  

“My message to you all today is a message of renewed hope; a message of unity; a message of peace; a message of oneness and togetherness and a message of diversity and patriotism above all else,” he stated.

“Fellow Gambians, each day we hear the news of our sisters and daughters losing their lives while giving life.  Each day we hear of our sons and daughters dying in foreign lands, being deported back home unceremoniously or drowning because they dared to cross the Mediterranean in search of “greener pastures”.  Each day we hear the cries of our mothers, our wives and our sisters about the high cost of living and the inability to feed their children and; each day we see our sons and daughters cursing each other, swearing at each other, discriminating against each other on tribal and religious lines,” the UDP Secretary General outlined key challenges The Gambia is faced with over recent years.

Darboe further urged Gambians to sensitize and educate their offspring and their fellow brothers and sisters on their moral obligations as patriotic Gambians; about their civic duty to make the right, honest and ethical decision For The Gambia Ever True.

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