UDP shocked by ‘mysterious death’ of their Foni Kansala chairman

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Members of the UDP are shocked by the alleged mysterious death of their Foni Kansala chairman, Bala Musa Marr on March 21, 2018.

Bala Musa Marr died a sudden death on Wednesday, 21st March 2018 at the compound of Biran Camara, chief of Foni Kansala, where he was summoned before the local tribunal court to answer to charges of deforestation alongside with others.

Speaking to Mamos Tv online, Sarjo M. Darboe, UDP coalition campaign coordinator for the entire Foni regions said the news of Bala Musa's death has shocked the entire membership of the UDP. He said the deceased was UDP chairman in Foni Kansala and is a native of Tintinba village.

He told this medium that the deceased was accused of cutting down trees and burning them for charcoal and was subsequently summoned to appear before the local tribunal (court) presided over by the chief of Foni kansala Biran Camara on wednesday, 21st March 2018.

“Upon receiving his summon letter, Bala Musa was shocked and he developed stress. He was with Samba Sarjo, another accused person who was also summoned to appear officially on December 14, 2018. When they arrived at the chief's compound , Bala Musa told Samba Sarjo that he was not feeling well and was shocked by his summon. He immediately felt on the ground and was taken into the chief's house while his companion Samba Sarjo rushed to call the Ambulance. When the ambulance came, they realised that he was death and they called the police at Bwiam to come over. The police took him to the hospital and confirmed his death. He was later transferred to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul where a post-mortem was conducted to establish the cause of death,” Sarjo M: Darboe explained.

He added that the UDP heads of West Coast Region were informed of the death of Bala Musa Marr, while the police launch an investigation into the matter.

The Alkalo of Tintinba, Bakary Camara was also summoned for burning trees for charcoal and Accoridng to him, there is a plot of land which is sold to a white man (name unknown) and the said owner said he does not want the trees in his plot of land, so they decided to cut down these trees but were summoned before the local court.

Landing Nyassi of the UDP, son of the late Syngle Nyassi said the chief sent one Tapha Sanyang to give a summon letter to Samba Sanyang and he was charged to pay an amount of money. Samba Sanyang explained how he got access to the garden belonging to the siad whiteman through Bla Musa and others, and he decided to cut donw the trees. He said the trees that were cut down were in the garden but not in the forest.

Sanyang said he is the mobiliser of UDP, adding that he was given permission to cut down the trees in a garden belonging to whiteman in Tintinba but was summoned to answer to the local court.

“The letter given to me was dated 14 December 2018 but the chief called and said I should answer to him on March 23rd, 2018. He forcefully arrested me and charged me to pay D5000 and they seized all the charcoal I burnt from the trees I cut from our garden,” he revealed.

When contacted for confirmation, Superintendent David Kujabi, Spokesperson of the Gambia Police Force said they are investigating the matter. He added that a post-mortem has been conducted and they are waiting for the results.

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