‘UDP tsunami is coming in big force’ – Marie Sock warns Barrow

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

Marie Sock, who recently threw her weight behind the United Democratic Party (UDP) on Monday during a political rally in Old Yumdum, warned President Adama Barrow: “Mr. President, the masses of The Gambia have spoken; the women have spoken; there would be a tsunami. The UDP tsunami is coming Mr. President and it is coming with a big force. The next four days to election, you will see defections that you have never seen in this country before.”

“The international organizations that are in the country and the election observers in The Gambia, I hope you are observing; if you do not understand the language that the president is speaking then please try to get some translations because it’s triggering some nerves,” she suggested.

“On the campaign trail of the UDP we advise everyone to stay calm. We advise the youths to stay calm, so the international bodies observing the election please advice the president to stay calm,” she went on.

She adds; “We know he is nervous and yes you have every reason to be nervous because your ministers are quitting; they are one foot in and one foot out. Your ambassadors are embarrassed; they are one foot in and one foot out. They have no faith in you.” 

“For the taxi drivers at Palma Rima, Senegambia and all over The Gambia, your tourism minister is hanky pankying with you all over the country. We are in the tourists season in The Gambia and at the peak of the tourism season, there is no one in office,” she added.

Sock further said “Mr. President your cabinet should not be involved in your politics, no one asked you to have a political party while in office so now you have a conflict of interest in your house. Mr. President, every day till election I will send you a message because I want you to learn from me,” she concluded.


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