UDP Youth Mobiliser Tells Encounter With Security Forces

Mamos Media

By Ousman A Marong

Modou Touray, a victim of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) now Security Intelligence Services (SIS) of the April 14, 2016 demonstration led by the late Solo Sandeng who died in State custody, has told his encounter with the security forces to the Truth Commission.

He told the TRRC on wedneaday, that he along with the late Solo Sandeng together with twenty-four other people were arrested handcuffed and thrown into a waiting PIU truck.

“We were arrested by 7 PIU officers and taken to the Mile ll central prison.  While at the PIU headquarters we found Yankuba Colley, former KMC Mayor who was telling the PIU officers job well done,” Modou Touray said.

The witness said when they arrived at the Mile ll Central prison, they were made to line up and details were taken. Their names were written on a plywood that was hung on their necks for photograph. They were later taken to the confinement where they were escorted into different cells.

Touray who doubles as UDP Youth Mobiliser alleged the PIU officers put plastic bags on their heads and were placed on handcuffs and driven to the NIA.

“Upon arrival at the NIA a black bag was put over our head. I heard Nogoi Njie talking on the Bahamas. I was escorted inside the introduction house together with the late Lamin Marong and Alagie Fatty. We were asked to sit down on a bare floor by Dembo Bojang who was introgating us,” he stated.

Touray was among the April 16, 2016, ddemonstrators all of whom were UDP members who were arrested at Westfield Junction in the Kanifing Municipality, demanding for proper Electoral Reforms under the former regime of ex-president Yahya Jammeh.

Many of the protesters in that famous protest led by the late Solo Sandeng, former UDP Youth leader were all sick, with some having serious health complications due to torture and maltreatment meted on them by the hit-squad (Jungulars) of the ex-dictator Jammeh in 2016. They were also detained at the headquarters of the defunct National Intelligence Agency (NIA) now changed to State Intelligence Services (SIS) in Banjul. They were later transferred to Janjangbureh Prison.

Meanwhile, the witness said he was taken into a dark room where he was tied on a table and beaten by the NIA Officers who poured cold water on him while beating him.

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