Uganda: 5 intruders arrested at Muzaata’s home

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The Muslim faithful carry the casket containing the body of the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte after prayers at Kibuli Mosque on Saturday. Inset is the deceased. PHOTO/DAVID LUBOWA.

By Andrew Bagala

Police have arrested five people who intruded into the home of the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata allegedly to break into a room where the deceased had kept documents about his property in Keeti-Falaawo area, Kawempe Division.

The five men raided the home at around 10pm allegedly in company of Muzaata’s youngest widow, who had separated with the deceased. 

Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said the five suspects have been detained on charges of criminal trespass. 

“The youngest widow of Sheikh Muzaata told police that she had returned to her home, but feared that she would be attacked by the deceased’s relatives and members of the community, therefore, she hired the men to protect her,” Mr Onyango said yesterday.
However, the widow wasn’t arrested. 

Mr Onyango said she had been requested to go to police to record a statement, but she hadn’t responded by press time.

The former spokesperson of Kibuli Muslim-based faction died on Friday at International Hospital Kampala where he had been admitted for days due to undisclosed illnesses.

It is alleged that his condition worsened after his youngest wife left their official home a few months ago and all attempts for her to return home were futile. 

Mr Onyango said on Sunday night, mourners called police that she and a group of men were breaking into a room where the late Muzaata kept his documents for his properties. 

“The police officers were dispatched and arrested the suspects. We are still investigating the allegations of break-in and criminal trespass against the suspects,” he said. 

Before family disagreements, Sheikh Muzaata used to praise his wife at several public events as one of the most beautiful, educated, hardworking and intelligent woman in the country.  

He would use her as a yardstick of the type of woman men should marry. 

Sheikh Muzaata was known for speaking out against injustice, corruption and unfairness on the Islamic faith.  

He is remembered for criticising former executive director of Kampala Capital City Authority Jennifer Musisi for the inhuman eviction of vendors on the streets and people who were staying in the railway reserve. 

One time he held a demonstration and a prayer in the middle of a city road in protest against the sale of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council property to private individuals. 

Police had to use teargas to force his group off the streets.

 About Muzaata

Muzaata was born on February 5, 1962 to Hamidah Nalunkuuma and Adam Muzaata near Bwaise in Kampala. He started school at Bilal Islamic School in Bwaise and earned a degree in Islamic studies at University of Medina, Saudi Arabia.

He was laid to rest on Saturday afternoon in Kigoogwa, Wakiso District. Based at Kibuli as the head of Dawa (evangelisation), Sheikh Muzaata is remembered for fighting to reclaim the property of Muslims that was sold off.

Credit to Daily Monitor.

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