Uganda: FDC to meet EU envoys over polls

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Patrick Amuriat, FDC president

By Franklin Draku

KAMPALA-  The Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party will this Thursday hold talks with representatives of the European Union member states in Uganda. 

The talks come after the EU envoys held similar talks with Mr Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, of National Unity Platform party, and asked him to seek dialogue with President Museveni, a call he rejected.

Mr Patrick Oboi Amuriat, the FDC president, confirmed the scheduled talks, and said his party will not change its agenda to remove President Museveni from power. Mr Amuriat said while the EU is a strong proponent of good governance and rule of law in Uganda, they have sometimes been too lenient with Mr Museveni whom he accused of being a dictator.

“On Thursday, we will be talking to the European Union representatives in the country. We did speak with them prior to the elections and we told them that they were not doing enough to ensure that the dictator is brought to his knees. 

They thought that one more election would probably help us to be proved wrong, but it hasn’t because in the election of 2021 the only constant person who has been in every election was President Museveni. The rest of the candidates were all newcomers,” he said at the weekend.

The FDC president added that even those who had a glimmer of hope that change would this time come have been proved wrong and the only way is to unite and exert pressure on the ruling NRM party to relinquish power. 

“What this election has helped us was to prove wrong even the most optimistic people and players who thought that this election would bring change,” he said.

Mr Amuriat also said FDC will not engage in dialogue with Mr Museveni if the process is not properly structured.
During the NRM day celebrations at State House Entebbe recently, Mr Museveni said he does not want any mediator for talks with the opposition politicians because he knows where to find them.

Mr Amuriat called Mr Museveni a trickster who should not be trusted in anyway, saying without a mediator and a guarantor, he will jump in any talks with the ruling NRM party.

“Museveni, in a veiled attempt to reduce the anger of Ugandans, has begun to talk about dialogue. The other time he said there shouldn’t be any mediator in the dialogue with the opposition and that he knows where to find them. That is treating us casually. We are going to reject this with the contempt it deserves,” he said.

“As we have always said, if there has to be any dialogue it has to be structured with a mediator, with clear agenda while we know who is going to participate in that dialogue. Knowing that Museveni is a trickster there has to be a guarantor whatever comes out of such dialogue,” Mr Amuriat said.

Source Daily Monitor.

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