Uganda: Former minister Nantaba survives being beaten by MP

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Mr Kumama (back to camera) tries to confront Ms Nantaba (holding microphone) as police and other guests intervene. PHOTO/FRED MUZAALE 


KAYUNGA-The State Minister for Fisheries, Ms Christine Andoa, Kayunga leaders and residents of Galilaya Sub-county, in Kayunga District were treated to drama after two members of Parliament came close to a physical fight at a public function.

The drama was sparked by Kayunga Woman MP, Ms Aida Nantaba who branded Baale County MP, Mr George Kumama, a land grabber.

Ms Andoa and other district officials were on Wednesday at Kawongo Landing Site, to reopen fishing activities on Lake Kyoga.

Ms Nantaba who was invited by Mr Kumama to address the gathering, accused local politicians, including Mr Kumama of being land grabbers and condoning land grabbing.

“I sympathise with you because of the difficult time you have gone through. I know that many of you have lost your land to land grabbers,” she said. “But it hurts me that many of the land grabbers are seated with you as I speak now. Kumama here surveyed and got land titles in Kisalizi [Forest Reserve), rendering many of you destitute in your country,” Ms Nantaba said amid ululations from residents.

Mr Kumama who is a surveyor by profession, owns a surveying company that was contracted by government to survey the forest reserve land  to ascertain its boundaries and process its land title.

A number of people who had illegally settled on the forest reserve land were later evicted. Ms Nantaba’s remarks infuriated Mr Kumama who dashed towards her.

“Can you prove that I am a land grabber? he asked angrily. “What do you really want from me?” On sensing danger, two police officers and Kayunga District Resident Commissioner, Ms Kikomeko Mwanamwoiza, ran towards the duelling MPs to separate them.

Ms Andoa also paced towards the politicians and stood between them. The standoff lasted several minutes as residents cheered. Later, Ms Andoa said that fishermen at Kawongo Landing Site would be exempted

from paying taxes for the next six months  as they recover from the current COVID-19 crisis.

Ms Nantaba, a former state minister for Information and Communication Technology has on several occasions accused area politicians of being corrupt and land grabbers, which stand has put her on a collision course with them.

The politicians accuse of trying to get cheap political popularity.

Credit to Daily Observer.

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