Uganda: I have Besigye backing – Bobi

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National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine and former FDC president, Dr Kizza Besigye at a past event. PHOTO/ FILE

By Felix Basiime, DERRICK WANDERA & Alex A

National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, has revealed that he had a “deep” conversation with Dr Kizza Besigye who gave him backing and supported his cause.

Bobi Wine revealed his conversation with Dr Besigye, the four-time presidential candidate, during his last campaign address of the day at St Leo’s Kyegobe in Fort Portal City yesterday.
Hundreds of people walked 5km from Fort Portal Town to Kyegobe grounds for the rally amid heavy security with a mobile police cell in the vicinity of Mr Kyagulanyi’s campaign venue.

“Last evening, I called one of my inspirational figures, Dr Besigye, and he gave me encouragement that I was on the right course in changing the status quo and asked me to continue in the spirit. It was a deep conversation because I had called him to appreciate him for standing in solidarity with me when I was arrested,” Bobi Wine said as he introduced Mr Ajuna Daka (FDC) who is contesting for Member of Parliament for Fort Portal City Central Division.
“We have been talking and we continue to talk with Dr Besigye, one of the people whose Opposition in this country can never go unnoticed. That is why during these campaigns, you will see many things that people never expected. I call upon all our supporters in opposition to come together and we move forward,” he added.

About the coalition of Opposition leaders in Uganda, Bobi Wine explained that this has already happened at the grassroots as their supporters everywhere have already united so it will be simple for the party leaders at the helm.
“We are talking with other leaders to be one, I know you all support change to remove President Museveni,” he told cheering crowds.

About the mobile police cell, Bobi Wine said he came prepared to be arrested, the reason he came dressed in jeans so that the security personnel do not tear his suits.
He promised the people of Fort Portal a first class airport, reasoning that a tourism city cannot operate fully without an international airport.
“When I become the president of Uganda, the first thing I will do for the people of Fort Portal is to set up a first class airport because this is the most beautiful place on earth. Even if you go to America, they talk about Fort Portal,” Mr Kyagulanyi said.

Fort Portal is among the newly created 15 cities around the country. It was chosen strategically as a tourism city due to its tourism endowments and proximity to Queen Elizabeth National Park and game parks.
Bobi Wine said government gave Fort Portal a fake city status but he will give Fort Portal a “real” tourism city.

Source Daily Monitor.

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