Uganda – Masaka murders: Assailants kill 20th person in one month, 38 arrested

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Masaka murders: Assailants kill 20th person in one month, 38 arrested

By GERTRUDE MUTYABA & Wilson Kutamba

Machete wielding criminals Thursday night murdered a 47-year-old man as unidentified criminals continued to wreak havoc in Masaka Sub-region.

The deceased who has been identified by authorities as Madi Mulindwa was killed at his new house which was still under construction at Kisaaka Village, Kimaanya –Kabonera Division, Masaka City at the border of Masaka and districts of Lwengo and Bukomansimbi.

A neighbour to the deceased, Mr Robert Mukasa, said:  ”The killers attacked Kisaaka at around 10:30pm. He was hacked to death before they attacked another person who survived.”

“Some of our people are running away to other districts because the situation worsens every day and we don’t see the presence of security officers in our areas,” he added.

Ssemanda’s murder confirmed Friday by Police comes in a week that has seen seven people brutally killed in a harrowing manner, an official Daily Monitor tally shows.

“We got information at around 11pm and rushed at the scene and the investigations are underway,” Southern Region Police spokesperson, Mr Muhammad Nsubuga said.

On the night, thugs also attacked Mr Jimmy Ssemanda, 24, who was headed for Kisaaka trading center.

“I was carrying a solar battery on my shoulder from my father’s place to Kisaaka trading center where I sleep at around 10 pm and the thugs came from behind hitting me with a big stick,” Ssemanda who is nursing wounds at Masaka Regional Referral Hospital told Daily Monitor, August 27.

The motive of the assailants remains unknown. PHOTO/GERTRUDE MUTYABA

Ssemanda said the stick hit the battery, splitting it into pieces and that’s how he survived with injuries on the head.

However, by Friday morning, he was in stable condition as authorities covened a joint security press briefing. 

Greater Masaka, Regional police commander, Paul Nkore told journalists at Lions Primary School in the city that ‘‘38 suspects are in their [Police] custody’’ as security forces urge vigilance.

Greater Masaka, Regional police commander, Paul Nkore addresses the press on August 27 in Masaka City. PHOTO/GERTRUDE MUTYABA

Daily Monitor August 27 learnt that the organized group of suspects allegedly involved in the gruesome murders of some 20 people in the past one month will be paraded next week. 

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