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Uganda: Museveni has the chance to leave with dignity, says Bobi Wine

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Supporters of Bobi Wine in Kyenjojo District where he campaigned recently. Courtesy photo

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KAMPALA- National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, has hit back at President Museveni’s claims that the Opposition party is funded by foreigners seeking to destabilise Uganda.

In a speech streamed live on Facebook last evening, Mr Kyagulanyi insisted that his party is funded by Ugandans in the country who want change.

“Do not listen to what Mr Museveni tells you that we are funded by foreigners; we are funded by Ugandans who feel that we are on the right course. Fighting a dictator is not easy because today he will blackmail you that you are violent and the other day he will say you are funded by foreigners,” Bobi Wine said in his speech that was viewed by more than 21,000 followers.

Addressing his supporters in Kotido District last Friday, Mr Museveni took a swipe at the Opposition politicians, saying they are being funded by foreigners and homosexual groups in foreign countries.
 The President made the remarks as a rejoinder to the chaos that marred several parts of the country following the arrest of Bobi Wine on his campaign trail in Luuka District on November 18. According to President Museveni, the riots were funded by the foreign homosexual groups.

More than 50 people died during the riots that followed the arrest of Bobi Wine. Most people succumbed to bullet wounds while others were run over by speeding cars.

In his address, Mr Kyagulanyi encouraged Ugandans in the diaspora to continue supporting the cause of changing leadership in Uganda in a peaceful way rather than using violence.

“We have always been non-violent and we should aspire to be that. Mr Museveni has always been proud of the fact that he has great mastery of violence but for us we want to use our biggest mastery, which is the vote and peace,” he said. The Kyadondo East legislator was flanked by two of his four deputy presidents, Dr Lina Zedriga Waru of the northern region and Ms Jolly Mugisha of western region. 

The duo set the pace for the address as they gave updates about the events that happened in their regions during Bobi Wine’s recent campaign trail.

Dr Zedriga highlighted the brutal arrests and the teargas that rocked the campaign as police sought to block NUP supporters from attending Bobi Wine’s meetings or standing by the roadsides to wave at him.

“This violence we are facing is giving people more resolve to vote for NUP. The police and government may think that they are instilling intimidation but they are hiding their heads in the sand like ostriches,” she said.

Ms Mugisha said:“The people in government have lived long to prove their point but if they have failed to convince Ugandans, then they should leave the people of Uganda to speak and set the pace for the liberation.”

In his conclusive remarks, Bobi Wine highlighted how he plans to fund the health sector through implementing the Abuja declaration, using the classified budget to fund the security and promoting cooperatives to improve agriculture. In the Abuja declaration, which was signed in April 2001, African Union countries pledged to set a target of allocating at least 15 per cent of their annual budgets to improve the health sector.

“Finally, we respect you grandfather (President Museveni) and you have the chance to accept and leave in peace so that you remain with your dignity, it is not too late or you refuse and go down like the late Muammar Gaddaffi [deposed Libyan leader] and Omar El Bashir [deposed Sudan president],” he said.
 Source Daily Monitor.

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