Uganda: Museveni wins as poll dispute claims fly

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Incumbent president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (left) defeated NUP presidential candidate- Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and nine other candidates to extend rule to 40 years. PHOTO/MONTAGE/JOB BWIRE.

By David Vosh Ajuna

Vote counting ended Saturday, with results from the Electoral Commission (EC) confirming National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as president elect, stretching his stay in office to 40 years.

“Having obtained the highest number of votes; and votes cast in his favor being more than 50% at the election, EC declares candidate Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni as the president of Uganda through an election held January 14,” EC chairperson Simon Byabakama disclosed.

Sirens and boosted armed forces’ presence remained visible, patrolling nearly deserted streets while national army choppers hovered and made low altitude maneuvers in some parts of a fortressed and muted country whilst EC chairman Simon Byabakama announced results.

According to Justice Byabakama, Mr Museveni,76, sealed victory with 5,851,037 votes (58.64%) while opposition front-runner and National Unity Platform (NUP) party presidential candidate, Bobi Wine trailed closest with 3,475,298 votes (34.83%).

There was no explicit concession to NRM’s victory from opposition dissidents in a country that has been under a total internet shutdown since polls started January 14.

2021 Presidential election final results released by Electoral Commission, January 16, 2021[3:35pm local time]
Presidential CandidateCandidate’s PartyCumulative vote tallyPercentage (%)
Amuriat Oboi PatrickForum for Democratic Change (FDC)323,5363.24
Kabuleta Kiiza JosephIndependent44,3000.44
Kalembe Nancy LindaIndependent37,4690.38
Katumba JohnIndependent35,9830.36
Kyagulanyi S Robert aka Bobi WineNational Unity Platform (NUP)3,475,29834.83
Nobert MaoDemocratic Party (DP)55,6650.56
Mayambala WillyIndependent14,6570.15
Mugisha Muntu GAlliance for National Transformation (ANT)65,3340.65
Mwesigye FredIndependent24,6730.25
Tumukunde Henry KIndependent50,1410.50
*Museveni T KagutaNational Resistance Movement (NRM)5,851,037 (President elect)58.64
Valid votes in9,978,093
Invalid Votes 381,3863.68% of votes cast
Spoilt votes27,592
Number of votes cast10,359,47957.22% of registered voters
Total Number of registered voters 18,103,603

The country’s electoral body, accused of electoral fraud by opposition, became a target of sad commentary to the opposition after “irregularities” were sighted in presidential poll results, tailored with a cruel atmosphere towards government nonconformists leading to polls held amid a roaring Covid-19 pandemic.

“My life is in danger having survived several assassination attempts and being attacked by soldiers at my home. Several of my supporters have been killed and thousands arbitrarily arrested,” Bobi Wine, who came second, said Friday.  


National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, alias Bobi Wine, looks on after Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) soldiers invaded his home in Magere, Wakiso District on Friday. Mr Kyagulanyi said the soldiers forced themselves in his compound and beat up a member of his private security team as they kept his home under siege while results were being tallied. PHOTO/COURTESY.

The United States (US), European Union (EU) and other international apparatus had earlier raised alarm over failed transparency in Uganda’s election.

“It is not possible for the US to meaningfully observe the conduct of Uganda’s elections at polling sites across the country,” US ambassador Natalie E Brown said Wednesday whilst announcing cancellation of a diplomatic observer mission of Uganda’s election.

Bobi Wine equally dismissed the results as early as Friday saying, “EC results are “fake. EC chairperson, Justice Simon Byabakama disdainfully ignored malpractices that occurred during elections, including those at the expense of armed forces but he is spinning elections in Gen Museveni’s favor.”

Bobi Wine said he was intending to release vivid evidence for his claims once internet connectivity was restored.

“Armed security officers gave people pre-ticked ballot papers in addition to intimidating voters by their presence and influencing the electorate to vote in favor of incumbent president Museveni,” Bobi Wine alleged before EC chairperson Byabakama challenged him “To show how results were released contrary to what was in 34,684 Result Declaration Forms.”

Bobi Wine, who results show garnered some grass-root support since arriving on the political scene, told his backers that he was hell-bent towards pushing for an end to Mr Museveni’s 35 years at the helm of Uganda’s top leadership spot.

“Our battle is just beginning and far from over,” he remarked, Friday, during a press conference at his home in Magere, Wakiso district.

In avoidance of any clear case of history, the run to this year’s election claimed over 60 lives in the face of police and army brutality in a politically divided nation, torn with uncertainty- that now has to brace for five more years of a revolutionary leader against revolutions.

*The stats carried in this story are of the final batch of provisional results released by the Electoral Commission on January 16, 2021 (3:35pm Local EAT)

Source Daily Monitor.

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