Uganda: Oyam police boss arrested following death of four people in land fight

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North Kyoga regional police spokesperson, Mr Michael Odongo. FILE PHOTO  


Oyam District Police Commander (DPC) and the officer in charge of Ngai Police Station have been arrested on charges of neglect of duty and disobeying lawful order following a land conflict that resulted into the death of four family members in Ngai Sub-county.
Victor Sassi Kule (DPC) and Joseph Odongo (O/C) were arrested on Tuesday evening on orders of the North Kyoga Regional Police Commander, Mr Peter Nkulega.
Sources say they were summoned at the regional headquarters in Lira to explain why they delayed to deploy at the scene of clashes on Monday.

The clashes
On Monday afternoon, a boy aged about 13 was allegedly attacked and hacked by four members of a different family after he was seen crossing the compound of Akucawitim Primary School in Ngai sub-county with a hoe. The teenager was reportedly going to dig in the garden of the school head teacher.
The attack, however, provoked residents to descend on the assailants with machetes, hoes and spears leading to the death of four members of the same family.
Police identified the deceased as Richard Amuja, Denis Okeng, Isaac Ojok and Tonny Olet.

The victims had sued Akucawitim Primary School claiming ownership of the land accommodating the government school.
North Kyoga regional police spokesperson, Mr Michael Odongo, said the suspects are currently detained at Lira Central Police Station where charges of neglect of duty and disobeying lawful orders have been preferred against them as investigations continue.
He said preliminary investigation showed that the DPC was informed in time when the mob turned rowdy and started attacking the victims but delayed to deploy.
“The DPC who was attending the district Covid-19 taskforce meeting was informed about the clashes but delayed to respond in time. He arrived at the scene when three people had already been killed and the fourth victim died on the way to health facility,” Mr Odongo explained.

credit to Daily Monitor.

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