Uganda: Police confirms dismissal of 150 officers over corruption, scandalous conduct

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This undated photo shows police recruits marching. FILE/ UPF

By U R N

The long awaited dismissal of police officers accused of consistently engaging in corrupt and indiscipline tendencies has come to an end after the Force confirmed dismissing 153 of its personnel.
The Deputy Inspector General of Police, Maj Gen Paul Lokech revealed in March that more than 100 police officers were to be expelled from police force for continuously involving themselves in corruption as well as indiscipline activities.

Police council, appointments committee and police authority have with effect from April 26, dismissed and discharged 153 police officers in the lower and senior category. Although majority have been dismissed over corruption, others have been relieved of their policing duties on allegations of discrediting police force and behaving scandalously.
Mr Fred Enanga, the Force’s spokesperson, has confirmed police’s decision to dismiss and discharge 153 police personnel. Of these, Mr Enanga said 23 were disgracefully dismissed over repeated corrupt trends ranging from 2016 to 2019.

Nevertheless, police were yet to release the names of the expelled personnel but Mr Enanga said 41 have been discharged from police force for consistently being absent without official leave. This is contrary to section 44 (1) code 20 (b) of the Police Act.
“A total of 153 officers accused of misconduct have been dismissed and others are pending dismissal. Six have been discharged over discreditable conduct, five for neglecting their duty and 18 were charged and discharged over scandalous conduct,” Mr Enanga said.

Police Council which is chaired by Inspector General of Police is mandated to suspend, discharge or expel police personnel who engage in acts that are deemed against police standards. Such officers range from Police Constable to Senior Superintendent of Police. But this must be effected after a fair hearing in Police Court and Appellate Court of the force.
Senior officers from Assistant Commissioner of Police to Assistant Inspector General of Police can only be dismissed after fair trial by Police Authority which is chaired by minister for Internal Affairs.
This publication understands that 73 police officers both junior and senior in category have already received their dismissal and discharge letters while other will receive them by close of this week.

The categories are as follows;

In the first category, a total of 73 officers, were dismissed between 2015 and 2019, following internal disciplinary actions. 

At least 41 were absent from duty without official leave, C/S 44(1) code 20b; 06, were charged with discreditable or irregular conduct C/S 44(1) code 12b; 05 were dismissed for neglect of duty, C/S 44(1) code 19(c); 12 on grounds of Scandalous manner c/s 44(1), code 14(1) and (2); 01 for causing loss to Government Property c/s44(1) code 7 and 28; 03 for drunkardness c/s 44(1) code 13, 02 for withdrawal from duty o1 for damage to clothing or Articles supplied for duty c/s 44(1) code 26a and 02 for disobedience of lawful orders. Advertisement

The second category is of personnel pending formal dismissal by the Police Council Appointments/Promotions Committee. Under this category 18 subordinate officers are awaiting their formal letters of dismissal for scandalous behavior, corrupt practices, away without official leave, neglect of duty, discreditable or irregular conduct and theft.

The third category comprises of officers already charged by the Police Council Appointments/Promotions Committee and charged.  Under this category 54 officers, were discharged from the force for being Absent without official leave, neglect of duty, scandalous manner, drunkardness, discreditable or irregular conduct and causing loss to Government.

Additionally, eight officers are pending formal discharge by the Police Council Appointments/Promotions Committee (Surbordinate), for being Away without official leave, scandalous manner and drunkerdness.

“As a force we expect the highest personal and professional standards of all officers.  Therefore, any allegations of behaviour that do not meet the set standards, are rigorously investigated in accordance with the Police Act and Standing orders.  All the officers indicated above, had the cases of gross misconduct proven against them, and for that matter cannot continue enforcing the law or using their previous positions of power,” Mr Enanga added.

“We strongly believe such stern measures will further help in reducing the many cases of civil litigation against the police and the Attorney General. It will further help the public to have confidence in police officers who have a duty to be honest, act with integrity and not compromise or abuse their position,” he added.

Source Daily Monitor.

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