Uganda: Tensions in the country must end – Mengo

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Charles Pater, Mayiga Katikkiro of Buganda


KAMPALA– Katikkiro Charles Pater Mayiga has said tension engulfing the nation must end and that to achieve this, government must free all political detainees and respect human rights. 

He said heightened tension is not only leading Ugandans to hate their country but has an impediment to financial growth.
During his speech in Buganda’s Lukiiko at Bulange Mengo yesterday, he said the kingdom was eagerly waiting for the implementation of President Museveni’s promise to deescalate the tension in his national address on TV on Sunday.

 He said violence breeds violence and at the end, everyone is affected.
“But our position is that all those arrested should be tried under normal procedure- it is one way to deescalate tensions. We are watching the President. He said he will end the tensions,” Mr Mayiga said.

He also reminded government that in the recent address by Kabaka, he made a call for investigations into the November 18th and 19th killings in Buganda when Bobi Wine was arrested in Luuka for allegedly violating Covid-19 guidelines.

“The Kabaka asked security agencies to respect fundamental rights. It seems Kabaka’s message was not heeded as murders and abuses continue,” Mr Mayiga said.

He said the nation has witnessed many intentional killings by use of a gun or deliberate knocks by vehicles. 

In January, Francis Senteza Kalibala, also known as Frank, was reportedly knocked dead by a military truck at Busega, adding to the statistics of the likes of Rita Nabukenya who was allegedly killed by a police vehicle at Nakawa in Kampala.

Many people have been arrested by men in plainclothes and taken to ungazetted places from where they are tortured in all manner including removing their nails,” Mr Mayiga added.
National Unity Platform party leadership has consistently complained of arbitrary arrests and torture of their supporters with many still missing.

“We want heroic youth and not martyrs. A hero can be able to recount the journey to their aspirations. Martyrs are sometimes not noticed. You should know that all your aspirations can be achieved when you are alive,” Mr Mayiga added.

Call for federo
In a related development, Kabaka’s minister for special duties David Mpanga told the Lukiiko that Buganda looks forward to regaining a federo status.

“Buganda should look at ways of convincing nations in the East African Community on the importance of federo. Among the 54 African nations, federo is only embraced in only three nations,” Mr Mpanga said.

He said the federo will strength on the governance of Uganda and will become a case study in Africa.

Mr Mpanga said to achieve a federo, sectarianism and religious divisions must be thrown aside.

“Its, therefore, upon all servants of the Kabaka to set the stage, wherever we are to attract others to aspire for federo and that this will unify Uganda,” Mr Mpanga said.

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