Uganda: Why we fall for Mzungu

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Written by Alon Mwesigwa

Sometimes, what we know becomes mundane and hunger for adventure, for something new.

When it comes to love matters, we have crossed the boundaries and intermarried among different tribes. And the bolder we get in our search for exciting new love experiences, the further away we move from home.

Today, we bring you our findings about dating a Mzungu (a white person) as different men and women shared their views. On our celebrity radar, some of our stars have opted for European partners. For example, when former Blu*3 star Cinderella Sanyu, aka Cindy, married her white boyfriend, she broke many hearts.

Some asked why she went for a white guy when there were many black brothers dying to have her. Then there was Irene Namubiru with her French man. Although their relationship later went bad, they had a great time. And word on the grapevine also has it that singer Jamal only dates white women.

But a question lingers in the minds of many Ugandans: Are we trying to go beyond racial lines or is there something else that is driving Ugandans to fall in love with the whites?

In a survey that The Observer has done, six out of ten men we talked to said they would delight in love with white ladies. Surprisingly a slightly lower number of girls, four out of ten, said they would love to be in love with a white guy.

But what could be driving their tastes?

According to Joseph Mulinde, the managing director for Tech-Nerds Uganda Limited, black ladies are not so open-minded like white ones.

“In fact, I would go for white ladies because they are classy and open-minded. It’s hard to find black ladies who are like that.”

WhileHowever, onsultant, has a different view. He says he likes white ladies just because they are willing to spend on a man.

“Well, I would date a mzungu chick. They are less dramatic compared to black chicks, and the gold digging is done as a mutual thing. I mean she wouldn’t mind paying for dinners and buying groceries from her wallet, which is a hard thing for most black babes. So, I would date a white babe for those differences,” he says.

Well, women tell a different story; some believe white men are more loving than black men. Maureen Kanyesigye, a volunteer at one of the NGOs in town, says: “The only thing I like about white men is their love.”

“White men know how to express their love and they beat black men hands down,” she adds.

However, Joseph Mussalo, a psychologist and counsellor with Adonai Counselling and Training Centre, believes Ugandans go for white women and men for diverse reasons.

“There are some people who are genuinely looking for [white] marriage partners; there are those looking for [a] good time with white ladies or men just; and then there are those looking for material gain from them,” says Mussalo.

“Naturally, Africans have that belief that whites are rich and the moment you fall in love with them, that’s an easy way to riches.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case; some whites are not as rich as we think,” he argues.

Credit Observer.

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