Uganda: You can’t compare me to Sheebah in talent – Cindy

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Whoever doesn’t write their own music or participate in the making of their career is a dummy. In fact, it seems like labels do not sign talented artistes anymore.

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Cindy Sanyu

What hasn’t Cindy done in this Uganda? We have seen it all; from her nudes to her fight with Phina Mugerwa over Ken Muyiisa.  She has called Sheebah a dummy. She rebranded to the King Herself and she is set to have a concert on March 7 at Lugogo Cricket Oval. The Kampala Sun‘s JARIAT NAKITENDE had a chat with her.   LIFESTYLE    ENTERTAINMENT      You must have come up with the idea of a battle between you anf Sheebah because you were nolonger relevant. You had faded. Did you use it to comeback? Whoever thinks I needed her to revive my career doesn’t know me. I am still relevant because I am good and I write hits. Period. (sounds mad)  


Singer Cindy Sanyu But your songs had stopped playing. It’s the battle stories that seemed to be working for you. That’s not true. I will forever be a good musician. I was recently named Female Artiste of The Last Decade. Not even Sheebah took it.   Were you friends with Sheebah when you came out and called her a dummy? Sheebah and I have always been friends. I even wrote her first song. I didn’t mean that she is the only dummy in the music industry. The industry has many dummies.Whoever doesn’t write their own music or participate in the making of their career is a dummy. In fact, it seems like labels do not sign talented artistes anymore.

Why don’t you help those dummies out, especially with live music? Most musicians aren’t interested in live music. They do not want the hard work. They prefer to use CDs because it is the easier way. I train my band members every day and soon, you will start to hear their solo projects.

I would love to train the established artistes as well if they are interested.    Sheebah danced to your Boom Party song. Did you guys reconcile? We have never spoken since that battle. I was shocked when she danced to the song. I think she liked it.   Do you think you deserve the title King?(Removes shades) Yes, I am the king of dancehall. You know, there are many queens in the industry and most of them are new kids on the block.

They definitely can’t be ‘King’ because I am better.   Your show will take place at Lugogo Cricket Oval. Isn’t the venue too big foryou? It is big, yes, but it has been filled before, so it is possible. I am putting my faith in God and Ugandan music lovers. I am ready for Cricket Oval. Besides, Serena and Africana were both unavailable, so cricket oval was the best option.  

You told people to come to your concertwith their children yet you dress skimpily.What should we expect this time?(Keeps quiet for some seconds) I dress for my style of music. I dance, jump, sing and run around. All this can only be done in a skimpy outfit. My performances are athletic, so I dress like an athlete.   After the show, should we expect you to retire from music? Not now, but in the future, I intend to retire partially from music. I wanna get to a time when I only do one gig a month by choice. I will then have time to concentrate on other things like marriage, farming and mentoring young artistes.  

You recently said that you were going to show us your man during the show; should we guess that it is Joel Atiku? No.   When did you break up? You seemed to be inseparable those days. He would literally escort you to every show. (Laughs)I don’t want to talk about that right now. Joel is a really cool guy though.  

Is he one of those exes that you can say good things about? Have I said that we dated? Next question please. (Gets angry)   Okay, tell us what happened between you and Rabadaba? I have no problem with him. In fact, I am shocked by this question.   Mbu you once dated. I hear at some point he and Vampino fought over you. Lol.

I have never dated any of the two. Vampino is one of my oldest friends in the industry. As for Rabadaba, we just did a good song together. That’s all. Both of them are my cool friends. (Emphasises it )   But people said you cried and felt disappointed when Vampino was introduced by another woman. That’s not true. I was so happy for him.   You said you would not date white men anymore. Were you serious?

I have realised that we, black people, are very different from white people in terms of culture, customs and many other things, which are important if you want a long-term relationship. So, yes, I am done with white men.

Source New Vision.

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