UTG Election Case Adjourned

Mamos Media

By Sheriff Saidykhan

The Judicial Tribunal of the University of The Gambia Students’ Union ( UTG) has on Friday 13th, November 2020 adjourned proceedings on the substantial matter on the petition filed by the aggrieved party in the recent disputed presidential elections.

MAMOS media political correspondent Sheriff Saidykhan,  reinvestigate developments as it unfolds at the Judicial Tribunal. The court has adjourned the case until their sitting allowances are paid from the Students’ Union (SU). 

The Secretary General of Solutionist party cum Lawyer Toney F. Mendy, said there are series of attempts to influence the judicial proceedings of the court. He added that the fraud elected team have little regard for the adjudication processes of the court, chanting placards with the #Say No To Election Malpractice!

“There are attempts to undermine it and to influence its operation. It has so far, withstands all these issues and stands out to set the stands required for judicious adjudication. They evidently have little regard for due process and rule of law and that has manifested when they attempted to give a deadline for the Judicial Tribunal to make its decision on the case” said Toney F. Mendy.

Mendy said the adjournment is a constitutional requirement and a right created for them under section 48(2) of the University of The Gambia Students’ Union (UTGSU) constitution, urging the Executive to respect its decision. He further noted that their Team Solutionist trusted the bench to take an impartial approach at the end of the trial.

“The Executive has an obligation to respect the Constitutional provision and they should do so with immediate effect. The tribunal is as far as we are concern still in the right track. Of course I am… I trust the bench and I hope they would do the right thing to the end,” he posited.

For his part the president-elect Ousman Jassey, said his first administrative action after swearing into office, would be to unite students and to set aside their political differences for an inclusive students government. He said they would address the predicaments of online lectures faced by students at the University, plus resolving other pressing issues.

Mr. Jassey said his Team Alliance is still confident that the election went fairly, adding that he defeated his rival with a vote margin of 94.

“Once we are sworn in , my first course of action would be to unite the students for the purpose of forgetting about our political differences. Then, for the first three months in office , we shall first address problems that the students are facing in the online lectures and related problems of that nature . We will then start executing the plans ahead of the students week to be tentatively held in January . We are going to execute our plans on a systematic and periodic basis — a scheme that’s going to show the implementation of our specific plans in every three months. I beat him with a vote margin of 94”.

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