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UTG Election Results Declared Valid

Mamos Media

By Sheriff Saidykhan

The Principal Arbitrator at the Judicial Tribunal of University of The Gambia (UTG), Peter A Mendy, has on Thursday 26th November 2020, officially declared the final verdict of the recent disputed students’ union presidential elections as valid.

“Accordingly, having regard to all the circumstances of the case, the court finds, holds and declares that the election results announced by the Electoral Commission of the University of The Gambia Students’ Union is valid” announced by Peter A Mendy.

Readers could recalled that the standard-bearer of The Solutionist Party Kemo Fatty and co, filed a petition to the Judicial Tribunal dated 28th October 2020 challenging the veracity of the elections.

The 11 sheets judgement analysis delivered by the Principal Arbitrator, has revealed that numerous miscalculations occurred during the counting of votes, adding that all errors has been righted.

“Based on our findings, we detected an error in the total votes for Ousman Jassey to be 957 instead of 962 as announced by University of The Gambia Students’ Union- Electoral Commission (UTGSU-EC). To confirm whether our calculation was correct, we added the total number of invalid votes which consequently sum up to 1844 as opposed 1849 of the total votes and he was returned as winner for the position of President,” he asserted.

The Principal Arbitrator said there has been no substantial violations of electoral rules, urging the Electoral Commission’s body to adhere to all electoral procedural rules, and safeguard its integrity and render future elections free from disputes. 

Speaking to MAMOS media after the delivery of the verdict, the Leader of Solutionist Party Kemo Fatty, welcomed the final verdict of the UTG Students’ Judicial Tribunal on the disputed election results.

“I want to use this opportunity to thank the students of UTG for the decision made on 22nd of October, a decision which was today confirmed by the Students’ Judicial Tribunal as valid in the aftermath of our petition to challenge the results base on some confirmed irregularities and malpractices amid the voting process. We wholeheartedly thank the UTG-JT for delivering justice to this saga. I congratulate my brother Mr. Ousman Jassey and his 19th Executive for the victory and wish them all best of luck in delivering their promises to the general students” he remarked.

The swearing ceremony is slated Monday 30th, November 2020 at the University of The Gambia.

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