UTG observes eleventh matriculation ceremony

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

The University of The Gambia (UTG) on Wednesday, at the Law Faculty Auditorium in Kanifing Campus observed a Matriculation Ceremony for its new undergraduate students for the 2019/2020, and 2020/2021 academic year.

The ceremony commenced with a procession of the students which wad led by the university Registrar and the Police Band as students were called upon by the registrar to declare their loyalty to the university.

Addressing the students, the acting UTG Vice Chancellor, Prof. Pierre Gomez, said: “you have now joined the training to gain your status in an institution of higher learning. You are welcome to a place where you are called to be knowledge producers and agents to aim for development.”

He added that the matriculation ceremony represents a major milestone in the lives of young men and women with a large measure of significance because it marks the beginning of a life changing point.

“It is during matriculation that you formally gain students status of a university by taking the matriculation oath,” he pointed out.

Prof. Gomez further stated that the essence of the ceremony was for students to be part of nation builders. “The matriculation ceremony has not been taking place because of some administrative and governance issues but we have now tried to bring order, sanity  and go back to tradition and therefore, matriculation ceremony will continue to be observed as one of the old traditions by all higher educational institutions.”

“We would hold high responsibility for you the students and would make sure you meet up your expectations as you would learn skills and gain knowledge that will nurture you towards the challenging 21st century by introducing a whole journal database for researchers and students to get access to the medium of journal atrium,” he also said.

He added that UTG is launching the coming of plagiarism software which will promote academic integrity, streamline reading and improve educational outcomes as well as prevent plagiarism and deliver formative feedbacks. He urged students to be responsible in terms of academic and avoid cheating which leads to discontinuation if caught.


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