UTG orients 900 new intakes

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By Adama Tine

The University of The Gambia (UTG) on Monday at the UTG auditorium oriented 900 students as it recently concluded undergraduate degree admissions for the 2021 academic year.

The UTG senior management together with department deans within the university welcomed the new students as well as encouraged them to be solid participants in the university’s extracurricular activities to enhance their capacities, build efficiency and effective networking skills.

Professor Prierre Gomez, acting vice chancellor of the UTG disclosed that the university will move to its permanent site at Faraba Banta in 2022. He said moving to the permanent campus will give more room for expansion, noting that there will be campus residency that students will enjoy before graduation.

According to him, the management is poised to create and sustain an enabling environment for students to succeed in their academic pursuits while in UTG. He said that UTG received more than 1000 applicants who wanted to enroll in the country’s highest learning institution in various schools but 900 students were able to meet the criteria and are now enrolled as the September 2021 intakes.

“We have a functional directorate of students’ affairs and alumni matters, a dedicated Students’ Union and sub-associations that are your pairs to help you put through campus activities and academic-related challenges. Deans and faculty officers in each school attend to students concerns about their welfare and a listening and dynamic management team who will go extra miles to ensure their comfort while at UTG,” he assured the new intakes.

Momodou Lamin Taro, registrar of the UTG said amongst the university’s goals is to also unify and mentor students and create a platform where they would be able to stand for the nation, develop it and defend it at all cost. “We come from different geographical and ethnic backgrounds and together we all represent the diverse and universal nature of the university where the main goal is pursuit of knowledge,” he added.

He noted that diversity is not about how we differ but about appreciating and embracing each other’s uniqueness and enriching ourselves with others’ tremendous body knowledge and experience.”

Taro further urged new students to take their studies seriously and make a positive impact during their 4 years course.

“As you enrolled in UTG, you have done so as an individual and you are the only one who can protect your future. You should therefore never forget your individuality within the collective and do not let your individuality be swallowed up by the collective. Always think seriously about the consequences, to you as an individual of your collective decision,” he advised.


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