UTG Post-election Crisis: Opponent Calls For Justice

Mamos Media

By Sheriff Saidykhan

The University of The Gambia (UTG) is currently battling post-election crisis, in the aftermath of the recent student union presidential elections; heightened tensions from Kemo Fatty’s Solutionist camp agitating for justice at the University’s tribunal.

MAMOS MEDIA political correspondent Sheriff Saidykhan, went to investigate the post-election disputes and the power struggle acrimony between the two rival camps.

Speakng to the MAMOS MEDIA, President-Elect Ousman Jassey, said the election was not marred by vote rigging, adding that the matter has been amicably settled, and his Team Alliance won the election fair and square. 

“The election was not rigged. There is no such thing, though the EC caught some people who were accused of voting two times but the matter was resolved. So, there is no qualms. The aggrieved party are in the tribunal pursuing their case,” Said president-elect Jassey.

He said the University has it’s own jurisdiction responsible for settling disputes. “The UTG has it’s own tribunal where disputes are resolved. The EC did all they should within their constitutional mandates and electoral laws,” he said.

However, the leader of Solutionist Party Kemo Fatty, said tensions aggravated when the Electoral Commission (EC) made two differing announcements.

“The dispute erupted after the Electoral Commission announced that there were malpractices amid the voting process where some students from Team Alliance voted twice including a veteran campaign manager, and one contesting candidate from the same camp who was later disqualified for voting three times in different polling stations. The official dispatch came from the Electoral Commission around 3am before the final announcement of the results. And base on the irregularities they found during the counting process, The Commission affirmed their disappointment that they won’t announce the results hence fraud occurred; but contrary to the expectations we saw the Commission finally endorsed the same results around 6am,” Kemo Fatty told MAMOS Media.

He further stated that they are abiding by the spirit of  the University of The Gambia Students’ Union constitution (UTGSU) to challenge the integrity of the election, nothing that he has confidence in the judicial Tribunal.

“This triggered our intentions to follow the due procedures as prescribed under section 42(a) of the UTGSU constitution to challenge the results before the Judicial Tribunal of the University of The Gambia Students’ Union. Finally, I have the utmost trust and confident in our judges in handling this matter with impartially and independent” Fatty asserted.

Mr. Fatty said University of The Gambia stands on three preceding pillars to ensure the prevalence of Knowledge, Truth and Development. He added: “Therefore, the TOR of these three principles must be served with dignity, honesty and enduring service that will seek to determine it’s integrity so as to portray that good image of our University.”

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