UTG research shows the Gambia as destination for old vehicles from Netherlands

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

The Director at the Directorate of Research and Consultancy of the University of The Gambia, Dr. Muhammed Lamin Sanyang has revealed that “the Gambia is importing a lot of old vehicles and that findings show that between 2017-2018, the Gambia was the destination for the oldest vehicles from the Netherlands with an average of 18.8 years imported here”.

In an interview with Mamos Media on Monday, Dr. Sanyang added that standards should be set for imported vehicles in the country, noting that there should be an age limit put in place to the vehicles that are coming as well as our fuel standard improved. “Our fuel quality is very poor and that is why a lot of vehicles are in the garage because they have fuel problems,” he said.

Highlighting on the road congestion that he is heading a research team to make findings, Dr. Sanyang disclosed that there is almost five fold increase in cars on our roads. “Data we gathered in 2017 revealed that we have about 11,000 vehicles registered and in 2020, 23,000 vehicles were registered,” he explained.

According to him, the road infrastructure is very poor and also the road network expansion is moving at a very slow pace while cars are increasing rapidly which is why we are feeling the trauma of traffic jam.

Emphasizing on the importance of research, Dr. Sanyang said research feeds and helps in formulating evidence-based policies.

According to him, research is the solution in helping improve the livelihood of people, socio-economic and change political environment. He added that UTG has been engaged on research since its inception but to a very small scale because there was no coordination.

“Everyone was doing research at his own pocket but now we have a centre that will coordinate and manage research activities as our mandate is to support, promote and build a highly stationed research culture within UTG,” he noted.

“The University is ready for transformation. We are ready to bring the change and we have the potential to change this country. We do not lack the knowledge and resources but what we lack is the will power which we have to change ourselves,” he concluded.


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