UTG swears-in 35 new medical doctors

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By Adama Tine

The University of The Gambia (UTG) under the leadership of its acting vice chancellor, Professor Pierre Gomez last Friday swore in 35 medical doctors from the School of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences.

Professor Gomez revealed that every year, the school organizes the ceremony to swear-in newly graduated medical doctors after successful completion of their medical training at the University.

He said this year’s swearing in ceremony presents a solemn but joyous occasion for the graduating medical doctors to swear to their professional oath and, thus, become properly inducted into the medical profession as qualified medical doctors by the Medical and Dental Council of The Gambia.

“These are another crop of highly trained young men and women comprising 22 females and 13 males,” he added.

Hopefully, he added that they will all stay and work to support health care delivery in The Gambia during these trying and difficult times.

The UTG Acting VC added that they have all exhibited commitment, resilience, diligence and dogged determination to make it to the finishing line.

According to him, from now on, the newly sworn-in doctors have the legal and moral right to use the title “Doctor”, adding that they have brought honor and smiles to themselves, their parents, guardians, lecturers, the University and entire nation.

The School, he disclosed, has trained students from different parts of the globe such as Nigeria, Cameroon, USA, Egypt, Ghana, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and others.

“To address the increasing demand for places from both local and international applicants, we have rolled out our maiden BSc programme in midwifery and anesthesia. Besides, with World Bank’s support, we have introduced new postgraduate programmes,” he explained.

Professor Gomez added that to further improve on the staffing situation, UTG’s Governing Council has in the recent past approved the appointments of several high caliber staff in internal medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, among others.

“We are out to positively change the academic trajectory of this university. We owe it to the Gambian people,” he said.

Established some 22 years ago, the School of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences has worked steadily and progressively to create a niche for herself. The School is highly recognized both locally and internationally.


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