Was it Beyoncé who offered the lines: “Who rules/runs the world?” “Girls!”

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Alagi Yorro Jallow
Fatoumatta: The two are catchy “call-and-response” lines that fire up most women, including this one;-) – and some men!
It is International Women’s week, and the Beyoncé tune came to mind again. Women may not rule the world, but they have made their mark in better ways than the current corps of leaders we have! To paraphrase former President Barack Obama, maybe it is time men gave up leadership and allowed women to take over, given how messed up men have made the world!
If ever there was a time the world needs an environmentalist and someone who has an awareness about the import of the world’s climate and climate change, it would be now. The late Nobel Laureate and founder of the Green Belt Movement, Wangari Mathai( may her soul continue to Rest In Paradise), was ahead of her time. As is the case with most “prophets,” she was abused and accosted and demonized in her own home – of Kenya. Fortunately, the rest of the world saw in her an uplifting embodiment of personal perseverance and principled focus on the future. Norway’s Nobel Committee also saw in her a visionary and recognized her contribution to the world’s environmental movement.
Fatoumatta: Behind every successful man, there is a strong woman. As much of a cliché as this saying is, it is most on point when used about the two former First Ladies by their Democratic presidents/husbands, the current vice president, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama embody the best and the brightest – period. They are smart and tough and can go toe-to-toe with anyone any time anywhere!
The two former first ladies made their husbands – Bill and Barack – better leaders, and in the case of Michelle, she made her husband a better human being and the quintessential gentleman.
These four women mentioned are role models for little girls and little boys all over the world. They represent intellect and a commitment to public service that inspires all regardless of gender, race, and nationality.
Fatoumatta: On this International Women’s Day, I recognize late Wangari, Kamala Hillary, and Michelle to contribute to their respective communities and significantly to the world.
Happy International Women’s Day.

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