“We Are Very Disappointed At The Barrow Led Gov’t” Says A Farmer

Mamos Media

By Ousman A Marong

Ahmed Fatty, a farmer in the North Bank Region (NBR) of Lower Nuimi district has said the farming community of the region are disappointed at the Barrow led government.

“We are very disappointed at President Adama Barrow and his entire government when he first broke his promised that if elected into office, he would electrify the whole of north bank,” Ahmed Fatty told MAMOS Media.

According to him, President Barrow had made these promises during the 2016 presidential elections in Mbollet Ba. He said they felt betrayed by President Barrow for not honouring his campaign promises.

“We (the farmers) are definitely not happy with him. We overheard the food distribution across the country but the people of North Bank, particularly the farmers are yet to receive  any food from the government. We expect President Barrow to consider us like any other Gambian because we have voted him into office like the other Gambians. So, there should not be segregation? His food aid is becoming meaningless as Ramadan is about to end. We were expecting to receive these food on time,” Fatty said.

He also mentioned the lack of fertilizer may hamper crop production, adding that could lead to food insecurity in the country that might have a direct impact on the people. He further challenged the government to do whatever it takes to provide fertilisers to farmers on time, saying the rainy season is fast approaching.

“There should be availability of fertilizer even before the commencement of the rainy season. Anytime, it rains and there is no fertilizer, it will derail our work like the late arrival of fertilizer last year has hampered our work to the core,” he remarked.

Sajuka Joof, another farmer also echoed similar sentiments.

“We really need help on the aspect of fertilizer but anything added on top of the fertilizer is welcome. I am a great farmer and I used to cultivate 4-5 hectares,” he  said. 

When asked about the impact COVID-19 might have on this year’s farming season which he sounded optimistic with the help of the government.

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