We Must Choose Between Unity And Division To Advance As A Nation

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Lamin Bojang, the Presidential Aspirant of the Gambia Action Party (GAP) has said the people must choose between unity and division if they want to advance as a nation.

Below is his statement:

“We must choose wisely between unity and division if we are to advance as a nation. We are in the worst nightmare that the Gambia has ever experienced and we must break that circle through inclusiveness that will show our strength to the world.

The Gambian government under the leadership of Adama Barrow has chosen other irrelevant issues ahead of our health care sector, and there’s no way that this country will emerge victorious without sustainable development in the health care system. At this juncture, our focus must not be on the economic crisis but effectuate health care system because a nation cannot be healed when facilities lack at the health care system.

A GAP led government under the leadership of Hon. Lamin Bojang, shall strategize the unforeseen circumstances like this period and the nation shall be prepared to face any uphill battle in a GAP led government. We urge all the nation to remain united in the fight against global crisis which we must beat together without diverting the state hard earned resources to the few privilege people like the Barrow administration is doing now.

Hon. Lamin Bojang,
GAP Presidential Candidate”

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