“We Are Looking For Change, Not Pocket Change” ST Brikama Boyo

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By Muhammed L. Bojang

Sanna Singhateh, a Brikama born rapper with the stage name ST Brikama Boyo has released a new single which highlighted that The Gambia needs system change and not pockets change.

The song which is currently hitting the airwaves in all parts of the country is titled: “My People”.

The singer is known for his consistency in the nation’s music arena but also as a freedom fighter through his music.

The musician touched the hearts of Gambians and non-Gambians alike with his latest song featuring legendary Senegalese singer Baaba Maal.

Brikama Boyo launched his Dinding Mansa Album last Saturday at the Independent Stadium in Bakau with a massive turnout from fans across The Gambia who showed love and support.

“My People” attracted the reactions of Gambians both at home and abroad. 

“This song covers everything from political, social, economic, the nation’s challenges, nepotism and corruption, said Fatty Hydara, who added that: “When I look around I see my people against my people which is very true from politics to religion, we are against each other for our difference in opinions,” he remarks.

He further highlighted how the song can help The Gambia develop as poor taxpayers never ask for more than good living conditions and the health care system.

Fatty Hydara, a Gambian social media commentator and activist residing in Italy said the song is the best as it entails Gambia’s problem since Independence in 1965. “NGO’s people, politico people” is the truth as our government will be taking loans, organizing conferences in the name of citizens without citizens benefitting”, he added.

Amie Sarr a fan said, “the song is a classic social and political advocacy song that addresses the ills of society”.

“Honestly, this song is my best of ST’s songs. Lyrically the song depicts the exact lifestyle of our authorities. After listening to the song, it took me back to the poem “The Vultures” by David Diop”, Muhammed Darboe is widely known to many as MLD Dabzy Promotion said.

The musical promoter said, “our authorities claim to know all problems faced by citizens when seeking political positions but once they are elected they turn blind, dumb and deaf. The song encourages us to stand for each other during trying times. The song is powerful with strong messages,” he remarks.

Kitabu Fatty, the nation’s top comedian who recently announced his interest to run for the presidency said, “the song is a great song and a legendary song. The song speaks for every Gambian”.

He said The Gambia is a struggling nation where corruption and greed are deterring our development. ST’s song is a clear sign that youth need to step up and take ownership of their nation”, he also said.

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