“We will fight corruption to the letter,” GDC leader

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

The party leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), Mamma Kandeh on Tuesday, officially presented his nomination papers to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

Kandeh immediately after his nomination disclosed to journalists that a GDC government will without hesitation fight corruption to the letter.

According to him, “Since the current government came to power, we have not heard anyone dismissed for corruption even though we know it’s rampant.”

Kandeh added that education, agriculture and the health sector are primary areas that his government would improve when he becomes president. He reassured his support for the Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) while commending those that came with the idea since it was established to reconcile Gambians.

Kandeh was born on the 12th of July 1965 in Sare Birom in Jimara in the Upper River Region. He attended St. George’s Primary School in Basse, and later attended Crab Island Secondary Technical School.

Kandeh further went to the Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI). He later became a member of the Pan African Parliament (PAP) where he served in the committee on Trade, Customs and Immigration Matters; Vice President of the West African Caucus of PAP and head of the delegation of 27 members of PAP to Libya.

Lamin Tamba, head of media for Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) diaspora said: “Jammeh is a very strong nationalist, a pan African and will never support any Gambian candidate who is giving up the Republic of The Gambia to any other nation not even our neighbor next door”.

He added that Jammeh’s endorsement of Mamma Kandeh was easy, saying: “Mamma Kandeh and Jammeh went apart in 2016 because of policy reasons and in 2021 they came back together for policy reasons and for those policy reasons we would win this elections, regain our full Gambian sovereignty and Gambian territorial integrity and be Gambia again and for those reasons, Jammeh supported the GDC ideology.”

“We went into partnership with GDC because APRC is undergoing a lot of legal issues with the former executive sacked by Jammeh,” he also said.

“We wanted to make sure before we put our pen on paper on this nomination we have full control of the APRC but that was not possible until today,” he continued

He added that: “We are confident that the APRC is still under Jammeh based on our congress resolutions of 2018 in Bwiam and based on our congress resolutions at Pencha Mi Hall in 2021. We are into this partnership as equal bargaining powers but nominated Mamma Kandeh to avoid any legal ramifications at the moment”.

“We fully endorsed Mamma Kandeh. We would make sure we have a proportionality of leadership and run The Gambia in accordance with the ideals of APRC,” Tamba noted.

According to him, “We would bring free education to degree level if we can afford it but we can afford free education to senior secondary level. Medical care would come back where hospitals would never run short of the basic needs like blood supplies, surgical gloves and medicine. Agriculture and food self sufficiency would come back, and our security will 100% come back in the hands of Gambian citizens”.

Tamba added that they will not leave youth and women behind. We will also work with partners as no country is an island.

“Kandeh is a nationalist and we are fully convinced of winning this year’s elections,” he further said.

“We are tittering around 25-30% of the APRC vote and Mamma Kandeh is tittering between 21 and 25% and with the share among the other parties we are confident we would come out first on the fifth of December 2021,” he concluded.


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