West Coast Youth Group Chair Promises New Approach to Youth Matters

Mamos Media
By Muhammed L Bojang

The Chairman of the newly created West Coast Regional Youth Committee, Mr Lamin Sanneh has vowed to change the narratives by initiating an all-inclusiveness approach to the handling of youth matters in the West Coast Region.

Speaking Thursday at the inauguration of the new Committee in Brikama, Mr. Sanneh promised for more viable policies to be implemented, saying that no nation develope without proper strategic planning.

“A functional Youth Committee needs to have its blueprint which will guide such an organization to have a clear vision and mission,” he remarked, adding that he would implement policies that are attainable, measurable and realistic. 

“My vision for the region as the aspiring regional youth committee chairperson is undoubtedly my ambition for an all-inclusiveness approach to all youth intervention areas. West Coast as a region for the past four years has not been doing very well and while I comment on the past and current leadership, I believe that there is still work to do and I desire to form a think tank after assuming office that will be able to identify the problems the region is going through and this will serve as a benchmark to unify and inculcate a spirit of togetherness among the young people of the region far and wide as the strongest tool we have is unity because a house divided among itself is bound to collapse” Sanneh said.

Sanneh added that for far too long, the young people of the West Coast felt being marginalised, and as an experienced activist, he wanted to put an end to that situation. 

“We will work together to change the narratives of this region through capacity building programs and of course life-changing initiatives and we shall move from theory to practice and this will be done in collaboration with different stakeholders and my executive will develop strong proposals aimed at propelling the agenda of the youths,” he adds.

He lamented that West Coast, despite being the biggest region of the country, was the only region without a functional youth centre which he said had made the work of the young people of the region extremely difficult. “Now that we have assumed office, we will roll our sleeves to make sure we have a youth centre and this centre will serve as a place where young people could meet as well as serve as an income-generating source for us,” he said. 

Sanneh went on to call on the youth not to shy away from political participation, noting his desire to create an atmosphere for the young people of the region to ensure that their voices will be heard in decision making area. He promised to work closely with the young people and other relevant stakeholders to create youth-friendly activities in the form of capacity building to enhance their fullest participation in the decision making process by shaping their desire to participate in active politics. 

“Since young people are the movers and shakers of any change, I, therefore, have the strongest conviction that they should play an active part in politics,” he stated.

Speaking earlier, the Chairman of Brikama Area Council, Mr Sheriffo Sonko, promised the young people that his office will do all that it takes to have vibrant and functional youth centre as indicated by the West Coast Regional Youth Committee Chairman, and he went on to advise the young people to embrace peaceful co-existence.

Present at the inauguration ceremony, organized by the Youth National Council (NYC) included the Governor of West Coast Region, Lamin Sanneh and various other dignitaries. 


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