What is State Intelligence Unit or SIU?

Mamos Media

by Madi Jobarteh
What is this? Which law created this outfit. Where is its Act? Since January 2017 we have not seen or heard of any bill placed before the National Assembly entitled ‘a bill for the creation of the State Intelligence Unit’!
If there is no law for the creation of SIU then it cannot be a state institution hence it is an illegal outfit. This outfit cannot be created by any Executive Directive.
If it is an administrative and operational unit under any other office then its name cannot be State something something…
What is the mandate of this SIU? The National Assembly must get up to ask Pres. Barrow about the SIU? We must not allow arbitrary decisions and actions that are beyond the powers of the President.
This was what Yaya Jammeh did by creating illegal entities such as Junglers, Bulldozer, Black Black, etc. We know the havoc this terror groups eventually did just to satisfy the whims and caprices of one person. We do not expect Pres. Barrow to follow that path!
No to SIU! No to SIS!
We have only NIA as the state intelligence agency which in fact needs serious review and audit and restructuring!
Let us demand Pres. Barrow to confirm or deny the existence of SIU and tell us the rationale and mandate and creation of the SIU if it does truly exist.
Stand up for good governance with transparency and accountability in The Gambia.

For The Gambia ???????? Our Homeland!

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