Youth Activist Decries Lack Of Leadership In Africa

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Youth Activist cum educator Lamin F.  Jammeh,  has said the problem of Africa has been compounded by lack of effective leadership for the past decades.

Mr Jammeh has made these remarks recently, at a leadership event held at Inspiring Young-Stars secretariat in Wellingara.

The daylong interactive session brought together participants from different walks of life,  to devise strategies through fostering Pan-Africanism ideals and sustainable development for Africa. With the Theme “AFRICA AGENDA 2063, AFRICA WE WANT”

He said for the past years,  Africa’s failure has been attributed to the lack of visionary and effective leadership, noting that frequent injustice and bad leadership have contributed adversely for the development of Africa.

“Injustice and corrupt attitude of African leaders have manipulated the entire political system at the detriment of their people. Poor social services,  injustice system and insecurity you name them become normal in our societies” he decried.

The youth activist highlighted the significance of peace,  as a vibrant tool for the socio-economic advancement of any country. He further urges everyone to shoulder the burden of continental peace and security in Africa.

“Peace is indispensable to any meaningful development.  Ensuring peace should be a top most priority for a successful Africa. This is not an individual responsibility, but a collective one as per our social contract.  Everyone of us is organically signatory to the social contract which brought the formation of our communities and societies.  It is a duty upon all Africans to fulfil the contract by contributing their little quota to ensuring a peaceful and secure Africa,” he remarked.

He said many African countries have been plaque by civil unrest, due to myriad of bad leadership. He further went down memory lane to depict Libya’s case as a typical example.

“This is because we live in times where uncertainty has become the new norm.  Conflicts and wars are dominating the news headlines,  most especially in our fellow African countries. A brief case of study of Libya will suffice negative impacts of a non-peaceful and unsecured country.  Lost of darlings, a bankrupt economy, hunger, starvation and lack of access to education are defining features of conflicts/post conflict in Libya”.

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