Youths Against Environmental Degradation embark on tree planting exercise in Niamina Dankunku

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Youths Against Environmental Degradation on Saturday 25th September 2021 embarked on a tree planting exercise in Niamina Dankunku in the Central River Region of The Gambia.

The exercise was meant to increase the number of trees in the community and as a measure to mitigate climate change.
A total number of 250 seedlings were planted in the community.
School children were also given seedlings to take care in their homes.
Bakary J Janneh the president of the organization Youths Against Environmental Degradation express his special appreciation and gratitude to Mr Sulayman Mboge who finance the activity. He also expressed gratitude to all the team members and the Lady councillor of Niamina Dankunku ward for her support in carrying out the activity and the staff of the Dankunku Upper Basic and Senior School for providing the environment and support in coordinating students. He also thanked the forest officer of the said village for his technical assistance.

Meanwhile Janneh also stated that his Organization Youths Against Environmental Degradation will soon lunch a 1 million trees in a period of five years.
As part of the organization objective, combatting climate change is the center Stone that Youths Against Environmental Degradation was built and registered on. So the organization will do everything to ensure that the efforts to combat climate change as stated in the United Nations Sustainable Development goals are realize.
Our doors are open to everyone who is interested in climate change control.

Students were informed about the importance of trees in not just mitigating climate change and its impacts but also influence the creation of microclimate effects and protection of the environment from soil erosion and loss of nutrients.

The organisation is optimistic that the trees planted would be taken good care of.

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