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As world leaders concluded meeting at Glasgow on COP26 summit, Youths Against Environmental Degradation in The Gambia also look into the effects of climate change on the next generation and what could be done to mitigate.

In his deliberation, the president of the organization Mr Bakary J Janneh stated that
“It is wise noting that  around the next generation will be seriously affect by climate change and the lives could be  under serious threat if mitigation measures are not put in place.
It’s important to note that The Gambia is currently among the countries at the highest risk of suffering the impact of the climate crisis. However, if we don standstill, our next generation will inherit an environment with more frequent extreme weather events than ever before.  
This extreme events, could be floods, serious bushfire, more hot temperature, with little rainfall. This will cause, high infection rate, malnutrition, high cost of death, unemployment, over dependency and end and total lost of our limited natural and mineral resources.

Notwithstanding, the narrative can be a better one if we stand firm and put our hands in one glove to fight for Environmental Degradation
This will enable the future generations to help to live in a conducive,  protected  Environment that will be free from climate-induced disasters.      
Everybody, irrespective of our, tribe, religion or political affiliation should take up the responsibility of Environmental projection as a national and global concern. And it should be made clear to all that the crises of climate change does not only limit to those that contributed to it.

The impacts of climate change can be seen on the natural environment and people in all regions of The Gambia. This is the the same situation in other countries in Africa.

United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) stated that The Emissions Gap Report 2021 shows that new national climate pledges combined with other mitigation measures put the world on track for a global temperature rise of 2.7°C by the end of the century. That is well above the goals of the Paris climate agreement and would lead to catastrophic changes in the Earth’s climate. To keep global warming below 1.5°C this century, the aspirational goal of the Paris Agreement, the world needs to have annual greenhouse gas emissions in the next eight years”


Belly Jah
Among the mitigating strategies are afforestation/ planting trees, people should endeavor to plant more tress to mitigate the effects of climate change. Recycling of plastic materials to other usable products, use of clean development mechanism (CDM) like wind, solar, and hydro power.

Balla Fofana a development practioner an artist also stated that if the Environment is protected from today, the future generations will only register disasters.

Dawda Sowe also note that, Environmental projection is a collective responsibility but the bulk of the task lies in the hands of the government. According to him government should put up policies and programs that will ensure that the Environment protect protected.


Yabo stated that people should value the Environment like the way we value our individual lives. He went on to state that the government should come up with programs of mass sensitization on the importance of environmental projection and what dangers could it lead to when we failed in our responsibilities in preserving the environment. He also called on the government to create more job opportunities so that those who entirely depends on the environment will have a better source of livelihood.

Lamin Casama RDI

We should love and appreciate the nature. The youths should change their attitude and contribute their quarter. We should plant more trees and ensure that we clean our beach. We have work on our beach and ensure that we protect the plastic from entering the sea.

Kabba Saidy. RDI

People should be made to know that climate change is a global crises and we have to work on mitigating it. We have to plan more trees. And we have to shifts our attention to renewable energy in other to protect the world.

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